stone icon ~ bespoke carver

cropped-426350_10150867392149447_556734446_12780966_1963644783_n.jpg                                                                                                                                                                         Through working with stone for the last 27 year’s, i have become an accomplished and skilled carver ~ sculptor of all types of stone.

My influences are firstly music,which go hand in hand with iconic images along with the different challenge’s that may be thrown my way.

As an introduction to myself, i’d like to show you a short film of me carving an iconic image alongside the music of the subject,Ian Brown.

This was shot by a good friend of mine, Andy Wilkin, whose work can be found here ~~ ~~ top lad.

I hope you enjoy looking at what i can do, which can be found in my pages on the right, and please take a look at the film below,  it’s ace!



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