Spike Island Carving.


This is the best and most rewarding piece i have made. Inspired by Ian Tilton’s iconic shot of Ian Brown at The Stone Roses’ legendary gig at Spike Island. This is carved into Italian Slate ~ approx 11″ x 7″.

I wanted to show a few more pics of it’s evoloution.

After Ian Tilton gave me permission to use his image, it was just a case of sketching it onto the slate. Well…..months later after looking at what i had drawn and adding a few stars…

…it was time to tackle it. In my back garden.

The finished carving was well recieved. It wasn’t a commission, it was just something i wanted to do. After Ian Tilton had seen it and i knew he had an exhibition coming up nearby to where i live, i took it along to the opening night. Where Ian suggested that it became a small part of his exhibition. It was up for sale at this point.

Ian kindly signed the back of it for me…..along with a lovely message.

Me & Ian.

I am really proud that this piece was included in Ian’s exhibition, albeit for a short time. We have become friends since this has all happenend and he is a lovely loving dude.¬† Always got time for him.

I took the piece out of the exhibition. I knew someone wanted it, so that person got it. Best feeling handing it over :-)

Here are some links for Ian Tilton ~ www.iantilton.net and this one is for his new upcoming book ~ www.iantilton.co.uk